Fatal Frame: The Raven-Haired Shrine Maiden ⊟

Even though it’s not a handheld game and the horror series hasn’t made it to the West in some time (not counting the Spirit Camera spin-off), I love Fatal Frame so I had to share this new trailer from the Wii game. This time around, players will use the Wii U GamePad like a camera, moving it around to follow ghosts in order to stun and capture them.

Gematsu offered these details:

"It is set in Hikamiyama, a sacred mountain with a huge lake at its summit from which water gushes abundantly throughout the mountain. It’s a mountain of death, and only those who choose on their own to die go there. They enter the mountain at oumagatoki (the witching hour), when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead is blurred. The game’s story revolves around the concept of water.

The protagonist is named Kozukata Yuuri. She can see those who have been spirited away and captured in the world of the dead and return them to this world. Responding to the requests of those who have been taken, Yuuri visits Mt. Hikamiyama.”

Nintendo will release the Tecmo Koei-developed title in Japan on September 27, a day after the debut of Fatal Frame's live-action film.

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Here’s what Natural Doctrine looks like ⊟

Last time I posted about this game, it was focused on the limited edition, leaving some to wonder what the actual gameplay for the PS3/4/Vita strategy game looked like. It’s… a lot of text! A lot. 

Luckily NISA released these English screens, making the text at least legible. They’ve also opened the website.

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